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I am a loaded gun. I am the setting sun.

I've traveled all these miles just to get back home.

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Birthdate:May 6, 1981
@AlliCrain on Twitter
RubyTuesday5681 on both LJ and AO3!/profile.php?id=1135056615 Please drop me a note when you add me to tell me your fandom name and which fandom(s) you are from. I don't add back automatically on FB if I don't recognize you.

Major Fandoms:
My Chemical Romance- OTPs: Frank/Gerard & Frank/Jamia. Favorite rarepair is Bert/Frank! OT3s: Gerard/Frank/Jamia and Gerard/Frank/Mikey
Harry Potter- OTP: Harry/Draco, I also ship Draco/Ginny, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Severus, and Harry/Lucius. I will occationally read Harry/Severus, but only if it's chan. Threesomes I ship are Harry/Draco/Severus (my OT3) and Harry/Ginny/Draco
Queer as Folk- I ship Brian/Justin
NCIS- I ship Timothy/Abby and Tony/Ziva

Minor Fandoms
The rest of Bandom
Hunger Games
LOTR/The Hobbit
Star Wars

*Update Fall 2013 - no longer consistently cross posting all entries to LJ. Posting primarily on DW now. :) Also no longer posting fic on DW unless specifically requested to. It's all on AO3

Up until the Fall of 2012, I only used this journal for posting MCR fanfic (and also as an archive for imported entries from my IJ hiatus). In the Fall of 2012, I began *finally* crossposting my fannish & personal entries from LJ to DW. I will not be importing my past LJ entries because of reasons. Personal & fannish entries from prior to the Fall of 2012 can be found at my journal under the same name on LJ. Please drop a note in my Friends Only post if you add me over there. My old Harry Potter fic is all on my LJ.

All personal entries on this journal will be locked, but you can request access by commenting on my Friends Only post and I will most likely add you! <3

All of my fanfics are unlocked. You can find all of my stories under the "hp fic"(imported from IJ) and "mcr fic"(recent within the last year) tags.

I am highly in favor of transformative/derivative fanworks of all kinds!
While I don't actually believe that it is strictly necessary to gain permission before transforming a work, I do know that some people prefer not to transform without explicit permission. Therefore I'll state for the record that I give blanket permission for my work to be podficced as many times as people have interest in doing so and altered as necessary for better flow and readability. I also give permission for art/mixes/graphics/etc... inspired by my work, as well as translations.
Of course, I do ask that I'm given the appropriate credit. Also, I would love it if people would let me know when they transform my work (though this need not be considered a requirement).
The only caveat to my blanket permission policy is that of remixes and sequel fics. If you are interested in writing remix fics of or sequels to my work, I will most likely be perfectly fine with it, but I would really appreciate it if you would consult with me first. Thank you so much! XD

If you are here wondering why I friended you, it is most likely because we have interests/fandoms/ships/communities/friends, etc... in common and therefore, you seem interesting to me.

I enjoy Beta-ing, so if you are a writer who is ever in need, you can drop me a line by PMing me, I just may be able to help you out!

I have a tendency to shamelessely steal icons and use them without giving proper credit. So if you know who made any of the icons where I don't credit anyone, just kick me and tell me who made it and I will fix it. Thanks! ;)

"Then take me disappearing through the smoke rings of my mind,
Down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves,
The haunted, frightened trees, out to the windy beach,
Far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow.
Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free,
Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands,
With all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves,
Let me forget about today until tomorrow."

- From "Mr. Tambourine man" by Bob Dylan

Interests (151):

adam lambert, adam/tommy, apple blossoms, arias, autumn, ballet, bandom, barefoot books, baseball, bdsm, bisexuality, bob dylan, bonnie wright, boston, boston celtics, boston red sox, brian kinney, brian/justin, bucky katt, camping, castles, charlie brown, cherry blossoms, chicago, chicago white sox, christianity, church, cinderella, conservation, daniel radcliffe, democracy, disney, dogs, door county, draco and the malfoys, draco malfoy, environmentalism, fairy tales, fanart, fandom, fanfiction, forests, frank iero, freedom of speech, gale harold, gandalf, gerard way, germany, ginny weasley, glam nation, harry potter, harry potter alliance, harry/draco, harry/draco/severus, harry/ginny, harry/ginny/draco, harry/lucius, hayden christensen, high school musical, hiking, hillary clinton, hunger games, icarly, icons, jason isaacs, johnny depp, josh beckett, judaism, kissing cousins, labyrinth, lady gaga, lake michigan, lambliff, leathermouth, legolas, leonardo dicaprio, lilacs, london, lotr, lucius malfoy, luna lovegood, mcr, mikey way, mountains, my chemical romance, nannying, narnia, nature, ncis, neville longbottom, new england, new england patriots, oasis, oliver wood, opera, orlando bloom, outdoors, padfoot, paul pierce, petunias, piano, polyamory, potc, preservation, princesses, puccini, queer as folk, rainbows, ray toro, remus lupin, remus/severus, remus/sirius, rivers, satchel pooch, scotland, seamus finnigan, silverchair, sirius black, slash, sleeping beauty, snoopy, snow, snow white, sports, star wars, summer, swimming, teaching, the beatles, the great lakes, the marauders, the north woods, the remus lupins, the rolling stones, the whomping willows, threesomes, tinkerbell, tom felton, tommy joe ratliff, tulips, usborne books, verdi, walt disney world, waycest, wildlife, wisconsin state parks, without a trace, wizard rock, wolves, yes, yoda
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